WSML Reasoner

The Web Service Modeling Language WSML is a family of formal ontology languages that are specifically aimed at describing Semantic Web Services. It's semantics is based on Description Logics, Logic Programming and First-Order Logic, with influences from F-Logic and frame-based representation systems. Conforming to the different influences, there exist five variants of WSML: WSML-Core, WSML-DL, WSML-Flight, WSML-Rule and WSML-Full.

It is a major task to design and implement reasoners for the different variants of WSML. The WSML2Reasoner framework follows another approach: it is a flexible architecture for easy integration of existing external reasoning components. It first maps rule-based WSML to generic Datalog and then uses facades that mediate between this Datalog representation and the internal representation specific to the single reasoning engines.

WSML2Reasoner and IRIS

WSML2Reasoner supports currently three external reasoning engines for rule-based WSML variants:

As opposed to MINS and KAON2, IRIS, that has been developped with the aim to support reasoning over WSML ontologies, supports all datatypes that WSML supports.

WSML2Reasoner and IRIS can thus be used together as framework for reasoning with WSML rule-based languages.


You can download a combined package containing both the WSML2Reasoner framework and IRIS at the WSML2Reasoner website: WSML2Reasoner Releases.