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If you look around, you will note a rather impressive rate at which open source projects are coming up. Renowned companies like Facebook, Google, and Microsoft are also part of these projects. As you would expect, this has seen significant growth of programming languages.

Initially, big corporations used to employ personalised computer programming languages to suit their projects. Things are different today. Commercial applications no longer have to rely on a single open source technology.

As open source projects continue to increase, so does the options for programming languages. New programming languages keep rolling out every other day. As such, one might be torn between what he or she should work with. Here is a list of the most popular programming languages and why they are trending


Even if you are yet to interact with it, the term JavaScript is not new. JavaScript does not miss in the list of the top programming languages and this is not a surprise. What makes JavaScript popular is the fact that it continues to be incorporated into most recent open source projects. For that reason, the programming language continues to grow.

It does not stop there, the fact that the language can be integrated into both the backend and frontend of projects using Node JS runtime; makes it a good option. This is primarily because it opens up a chance to extraordinary programming capabilities and possibilities.


Just like JavaScript, Java is a programming language that is widely used by developers. The programming language has managed to maintain its relevance in the open source community for a long time. How has Java been able to remain popular over the past decade? Well, for one, every software that has been written using this language can run virtually on any system.

Developers can attest to this: its scalability is impressive. More so, it has one of the most extensive applications. What about the community? It boasts of a large community, which as you may well be aware, is a sign that the language is one of the best. It is not in vain that most developers prefer Java for their open source projects.


Python is also one of the most used programming languages around the world. The fact that it is one of the most popular programming languages is something that is not about to change any time soon. Just like Java, its application is broad. Developers use it even for the most complex projects like desktop applications.

Machine learning is one of the emerging technologies that is taking the market by storm. Python has had a significant role to play in the development of machine learning. All that can be attributed to the availability of top-notch plugins and third-party libraries.  It is, however, essential to note that the programming language might not be suitable for software or applications that call for the low-level manipulation of the system. Why is the programming language popular? One is the availability of third-party libraries, and also, Python can be used for almost any open source project.


The most exciting thing about this language is that it is popular despite being new in the market. Since its inception, the programming language has been able to make great strides. Again, what makes it an excellent choice among the developers is because of the convenience that it comes with for open source projects.

Just to show how instrumental the programming language has been over the years, it is the one being employed in most of the modern iOS applications. For that reason, Swift has experienced tremendous growth. New developers will certainly not have a problem with understanding the programming language as it is very expressive. Its flexibility is also unmatched: which makes it popular even among Apple developers.

Go Programming language

If you are looking for a new programming language for your project, this would be the right direction to look. Go Programming Language is also experiencing an impressive rate of growth, which is something that speaks volumes about its applicability. Developers have been impressed by its ability to solve even the toughest computation issues with a straightforward approach.

This is something that makes the language suitable for the newbies. It is a static typed and compiled language that does not also miss the modern features. They include structural typing, garbage collection, and CSP-style concurrency. The language has all the features you need for your open source project.

Will we see a new programming language when AI will become more “smarter”?

As you have seen, programming languages have a high propensity for growth. New languages are being rolled out every now and them. It is, therefore, only natural to expect the same trend to hold. This is especially, with the development of technologies such as AI.

The fact that AI is declarative and rule-based, there will be a need for coding languages that support mechanisms such as automatic backtracking, pattern matching, and tree-based data structuring. You should, therefore, watch out for more programming languages like C++.